1. On which of the following platforms are you willing to publish your interview?

1. Marathwada 2. Vidarbha 3. Mumbai 4. Pune 5. Kolhapur 6. Solapur 7. Thane 8. Khandesh 9. Satara 10. Konkan

2. Giving the interview in your dialect will have a greater impact. This medium will help in spreading and promoting all the dialects of Maharashtra from Konkan to Vidarbha.

3. Your interview will be published on maharashtra idol chanel assuming you have full permission to publish the interview.

4. I will not be entitled to make any kind of claim for financial income from Maharashtra Idol Company as I have been given a prior idea that I will not get financial income from the interview.

5. My interview is my true story and I have not given any false information. If the information turns out to be false, it will have no connection with Maharashtra Idol Company.

6. Interview time will be only 25 to 30 minutes. Completing your interview within the stipulated time.